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2023 Recap

  • Moonbase Labs stuck around for another year, work was steady.
  • This was my first year in a while that I've only worked for a single organization. Last year Friendship Lamps by Filimin sold to new owners and it felt like a good time to sunset my work on that project.
  • I built an electric vehicle fleet management tool for Lightning eMotors, we've already seen a few competitors in the industry copy the same look and feel.
  • I mostly stayed off social media again except Twitter, I'm probably too addicted to Twitter right now.
  • I wrote 3 blog posts. That's better than last year, but still bad.
  • I started talking about Alpine AJAX; I even designed and built a documentation site for it. The repository now has about 160 stars and it's getting some recognition on Twitter and in the Django community.
  • I maintained a vegetarian diet.
  • I worked out regularly all year and gained another 10 pounds.
  • I attended PHP[tek] in Chicago, IL; my very first tech conference.
  • I visited Nashville, TN for the first time while attending Laracon US; also my first Laracon.
  • I met some of my web development heros.
  • I listened to a lot of Ratboys and The Weakerthans.
  • I discovered music by Imani Graham, Jungle, Petey, Sampha, and Samia.
  • I saw Jeff Rosenstock live for the first time in Tulsa, OK.
  • I proposed to Carmen in the Flint Hills on Christmas Eve Eve.


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