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Adding Cloudflare to a Laravel Forge Site

I manage several websites hosted on Digital Ocean through Laravel Forge. Recently some unusual traffic on one of these websites prompted me to setup some Cloudflare security features. Cloudflare required that I migrate my website's DNS from Digital Ocean onto their platform, and this required some additional tweaks to settings within Laravel Forge and Digital Ocean. I'm going to document my migration process here for future me.


Migrating the DNS settings to Cloudflare is straight forward. Cloudflare is able to scan your domain and pull in all of the existing DNS settings that are already setup on Digital Ocean.


After migrating the DNS, you need to create a new TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare. Without this certificate the Digital Ocean server fails to respond to requests forwarded from Cloudflare. In the Cloudflare dashboard navigate to SSL/TSL > Origin Server. From this page you can generate a new certificate for your domain. Once you have a new certificate, head over to Laravel Forge. Navigate to the website's dashboard, then go to the SSL page, and click Install Existing under the New Certificate panel. Copy and paste the certificate information from Cloudflare into the Private Key and Certificate fields in Forge.

At this point the website should be ready to go. The last step is to add your SSL certificate to any Digital Ocean Spaces CDNs your might have configured.

Spaces CDN #

On the Settings page for your Digital Ocean Space, select Edit > Add a new certificate. Within the settings modal select the Bring your own certificate tab. From here you can add your certificate settings just like you did in SSL step above.


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