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Gather the People; New Artwork

2021 is off to a turbulent start to say the least:

  • Covid-19 is surging again, spurred by holiday gatherings.
  • Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol.
  • Democrats gained control of the Senate by winning Georgia's runoff elections.
  • I started working again after a 2 holiday break.

This week I read Gather the People by Sarah Avenir. It's helped motivate me to stop and share more often. I tend to get caught up in the projects I'm working on and never take the time to pause and take inventory of the "sawdust" around me.

So, in the spirit of taking inventory, this weekend I started cataloging past artwork and uploading it here. Up until now this site has functioned as a web development blog. My goal for 2021 is to make this place more of personal space. I hope to keep updating it with current work throughout the rest of the year.

Another personal touch I'm adding to this blog is a new "Food for Thought" feature where I'll document stuff I'm currently "chewing" on. I'm not sure what it will look like yet, but I'll just get started an see where it goes:


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